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Custom Seafoods is so much more than fish, and our meat sticks are here to prove it!

Custom Seafood’s Pepper Sticks are not something that should be underestimated in the slightest. They are mixed, stuffed, and smoked in our warehouse by hand. Each step of the creative process is observed and monitored to give customers like you the best product possible!

The ways these can be used is endless, but the most common is to eat them straight from the package. Each package come with eight snack sticks in a vacuum sealed bags for your convenience.

Going to a soccer game; grab a package of pepper sticks. Planning a picnic for that special someone, grab a package of pepper sticks. In the end, there isn’t a scenario where our Pepper Sticks don’t belong, so try them today and change the way you snack!

*This product is sold by the package, and the weight is different with every package sold. 


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Weight 1 lbs