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Stuck inside on a rainy day, and need a meal to warm you up?

Our Alaskan King Crab Bisque is the best way to soothe those rainy day blues at just $15.95/ package 

Imagine waking up to thunderous clouds and stormy weather which has all but ruined your outdoor plans. You begin to think of how else to be productive, but then remember the King Crab Bisque you ordered for a day just like this!

While you wait for your soup to warm, you pick your favorite hobby whether that be watching Netflix, making crafts, or reading your favorite book to be accompanied by a crab bisque that can’t compete!

The blend of sweet to salty notes within the bisque weave together so seamlessly that you will wonder where it has been your entire life! Apart from being an easy go to meal, it full of fresh King Crab that will be sure to make your tastebud’s dance!

*Price indicated per package
*Number quantity is per package

What are you waiting for? The perfect meal is just a click away!